Grant Application Form

Charity No 1179435

Thank you for considering applying to The Diversity Project Charity (TDPC) for grant funding. To help us consider your application, please complete the information requested below. Before applying, please review our Grant Giving policy. A high level summary is shown below.

TDPC Aims and Objectives

For 2020 our aims are:

  • To support certain charities previously supported by the Presidents Club which we have not been able to help to date. In the light of COVID-19, we may also be able to to offer small levels of emergency support to charities we have already helped who are able to demonstrate a clear need for additional funds which fit within our overall diversity, inclusion and social mobility goals.
  • To promote diversity, inclusion and social mobility in sectors of the economy throughout the UK. We plan to achieve this by awarding grants to and working with organisations to tackle these issues. These may include charities previously supported by The Presidents Club.

Typical grant sizes will be in the range £5,000 to £15,000.

For 2020 our funding and collaboration will be targeted at the following areas:

  • Putting Inclusion into Practice: building on and expanding work we have already undertaken, to understand the progression of those from economically disadvantaged and other diverse backgrounds and characteristics within the financial and other services sectors. We want to develop practical approaches to supporting progression within organisations and examine more holistic approaches.
  • Why not me, why not you? supporting initiatives that enable individuals from more diverse backgrounds and characteristics to aspire to, be prepared for and supported while working in professional services, investment and savings and related sectors.
  • What don’t we know? Specific research around diversity and the barriers to work and progression to inform our grant making.


TDPC Aims and Objectives

7. Please confirm that you will seek to achieve value for money for your project by securing goods and services at reasonable prices.

8. Please confirm that your organisation will keep full and proper accounts and records, including invoices and receipts, which will show how the money from TDPC has been used.

9. Please confirm that your organisation has an equal opportunities policy and, if working with children, young people or vulnerable adults, a safeguarding policy; that these policies are carried out and regularly reviewed to ensure they adhere to current legislation and regulations.

10. Please confirm that your organisation is following all current statutory requirements and other laws and regulations relating to the project and its work including: adherence to employers’ liability insurance; the national minimum wage; the working time directive; health and safety; safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults; data protection; Charity Commission requirements; intellectual property rights legislation; anti-slavery and human trafficking and UK and foreign tax evasion.

11. Please confirm that you will tell us of anything which happens during the period of the project/grant which would affect your compliance with 6-10 above.

5 + 7 =

If your organisation is new, please send your most recent accounts or budget to [email protected].

A paper copy of the application form is also available to download here.

If you have any questions about completing this application, please contact [email protected].