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Our initial aim is to raise significant funds to help charities who have been affected by the President’s Club disbandment, as well as supporting a small number of regional charities focusing on inclusivity. From 2020 we will also support charities and research supporting our social mobility, inclusivity and diversity aims to develop approaches which will benefit society as a whole.

We are delighted to be working with so many organisations, companies and individuals who want to make a difference. Working together we can be a force for good.


Socioeconomic Diversity in the Investment and Savings Industry Report

Socioeconomic Diversity in the Investment and Savings Industry Report
A new study which is the result of a grant made by The Diversity Project Charity to The Social Mobility Foundation, into the barriers to social mobility, and how to overcome them. Click here to view it. If you are interested in reading the full report, please contact us. Click here to view the press release.

To view our webinar accompanying this report, please click here

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Fund Endoscopic Ear Surgery Kit to treat a wide range of complex ear conditions making them faster, safer and more effective for patients.


Help young people gain qualifications, confidence and skills they need to access the workplace, putting them on the road to independence.


Support the National and Regional helpline and online resource.


Funding the Family Accommodation at GOSH – providing a ‘home away from home’ for patients and their families, and lessening the financial impact of an unexpected or extended stay in Central London.


Approx. 1000 hours of coaching and mentoring to around 80 young people.


Enable Honeypot to take 60 children to one of their houses, allowing families a break from caring responsibilities at home. 


Subsidise up to 10 schools to enable them to participate in the Invincible Me programme and support Autumn 2019 programme for Outreach schools.


Four full days of centre costs, helping up to 1000 people


To fund one-to-one specialist care for 12 seriously unwell babies and children for an entire year. We are Gold Patrons for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice.


To support the Speak Out Stay Safe programme in Primary schools.


Towards the funding of Oasis Hub Athletic, mentoring young people through football.


Funding Hub Athletic for the 2019-2020 season using football to develop character, behaviour management and support to 150 disadvantaged and marginalised young people.


Pilot work in schools and train more teachers to help primary school children with mental health issues to develop skills, strategies and resilience.


Help to fund required aid and equipment for children with terminal illness


Support the Hospice at Home Service which offers service users the opportunity to choose where they receive their care and support.


Support various outreach activities through Open Academy, which brings creative workshops into schools, care homes and day centres.


Funding towards the Aspiring Professionals Programme incorporating mentoring, internships, university application support and career/skills workshops.


Funding for a specific research project on “The Career Aspirations and Experiences of Aspirant Finance Professionals from less advantaged Socio-Economic Backgrounds”


Helping group leaders to convene collectively to address key issues, improve social cohesion and reduce barriers to inequality for the young people in their communities.


Provide bursary assistance to individual young people specifically from the inner and greater London areas.


Support educational work in four inner city schools in Glasgow, supporting 60 pupils who are at the highest risk of under achieving


Support the Transition team who work with students to ensure their transition from Treloar’s to University or further education is as smooth as possible.


Help to provide vital servicesand innovative solutions to support people experiencing homelessness.


Support the project to provide Special Days to seriously ill 16-19 year olds over a period of 12 months to June 2020. 


Enable the provision of direct services to some of the most disadvantaged women in South Glamorgan.
We are proud to support the following Charities that strive to improve communities. Our approach is to provide funding to Charities to allow them to use their expertise to provide the greatest benefit possible to those they are helping. Find out more on our Impact Page.

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 It is amazing what we have achieved so far, and would like to thank all those that have made this possible. But with your help we can do a lot more – all support is welcome!

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