TDPC Mosaic

We worked hard this year on TDPC Mosaic, a digital fundraising campaign of Professional and Financial Services companies working together to be a force for good. We would take this opportunity to thank all of those involved.

Women in investments

The Diversity Project Charity to partner with Investment Week for Women in Investment Awards. Sarah Bates, chair of The Diversity Project Charity, said the organisation is “delighted to be Investment Week’s charity of choice at the Women in Investment Awards.”

“We are really looking forward to the event, to celebrate the achievements of the many amazing women within the investment industry and to champion diversity and inclusion,” she added.

Fundraising IDEAS

We would love to hear about your fundraising ideas and are keen to promote an ‘active’ approach.

Charity of the Year

If you would like to make The Diversity Project Charity your organisation's chosen charity, please contact us.


We are looking for lots of volunteers, please get in touch to find out more.